Fibre C 3D Panels

The lightweight alternative to precast concrete

The Lightweight Alternative to Precast Concrete

Fibre C 3D Panels

Any building project in need of that special, individual character whilst ensuring strength and security in its construction will be radically improved with Fibre-C 3D concrete facades

The panels, made from entirely sustainable and recyclable natural products, are a simple yet elegant solution for installing a unique quality into your project and maintaining a good eco-profile.

The Fibre-C 3D panels are an architect’s dream, coming in various shapes and forms; including large panels, planks, baguettes and fins. As well as these, the flexibility of the material means that most any other shape may well be possible. Couple that with the range of 2D or 3D prints and patterns, as well as the range of colours the panels are available in, and you have the perfect crafting tool to give a building life.

But building materials need to be more than just attractive to look at, and the Fibre-C 3D facades are certainly more than a pretty face. The panels are made from a combination of glass-fibre and concrete, this makes them particularly strong and structurally stable, yet easy to install.

Essentially, Fibre-C will create a reinforced concrete skin with the highest fire protection and real long-term durability. Lightweight yet hardwearing, you can be sure that these panels will take a beating.

Fibre-C 3D concrete facades are the ultimate building tool to create a strong and dynamic structure. There is no better way of finishing off your innovative and unique design in style.

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